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Best NFL Road-Teams Against The Spread

Best NFL Road-Teams Against The Spread

In case you don’t have time for research, no problem! We sum it up for you:

By Week 16 there are three teams with the best ATS record on the road:

  • Buffalo Bills: ATS Road record 6-0-1. The Bills have exceeded everyone’s expectations and have legitimate chance of making the playoffs. Next up, the Bills will visit Tom Brady in Gillette Stadium
  • Baltimore Ravens: ATS Road record 5-1-1. The Ravens have been a better bet on the road than at home this year. Overall, they’ve only lost 2 games, however, at home against the spread they’ve only covered 3 of 4 games.

Best NFL Road-Teams Against The Spread
Week 16

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Meaning of RBI In Baseball

Meaning of RBI In Baseball


Meaning of RBI in Baseball

Many people wonder: What is an RBI in baseball ?

RBI is a statistic in baseball that stands for “run batted in”. It is used to give proper credit to a batter, for making a play that helps another teammate to score a run.

RBI = run batted in

In more simple words, any “runs” scored by a teammate, due to the batter making “an action” to help. For instance, if the hitter makes a base hit (meaning he hits the ball and runs to base), allowing another runner to score from third base, then the runner is credited with the RUN, but the hitter is credited with the RBI.

The most common examples of RBIs are run-scoring hits. However, players also receive an RBI for a bases-loaded walk or hit by pitch. Players can earn RBIs when they make outs, as well, provided the “out” results in a run or runs (except, as noted above, in the case of double plays).

RBIs, AVGs and home runs, are the best way to assess how good a hitter is.

Example of RBI

  1. Imagine there is one man standing in 3rd base. The hitter hits downfield and so the man on third base makes the run. The hitter will be credited 1 RBI.
  2. Imagine the batter has all bases loaded and he hits a home run. The hitter will get 3 RBIs, one for each man in base that scored a run.

Best RBI Record in 2019

During MLB Season 2019, Anthony Rendon of the Washington National recorded the most RBIs in the league.

RBI = 126
Runs = 117
Home Runs = 34

Meaning of RBI in Baseball

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