The stars have aligned for the Houston Astros, apparently.

The Houston Astros have won 10 games in a row and it looks like they can do no wrong, it almost feels surreal. Cheers to them and the fans.

Houston is currently hitting an AVG of .327 and is averaging 8.2 runs per game. They have amounted to 26 home runs, including 7 by outfielder George Springer and 5 by Carlos Correa.

Jose Altuve is hitting .429 during this streak and Gonzalez is hitting .419. The relievers have allowed 1 earned run in 20 innings for an overall ERA of 0.45. Can you see now why I say “almost surreal”?.

I guess the decision to pay second baseball Jose Altuve the amount $151 million for a 5 year extension is not looking too bad right now, after all, success isn’t cheap, is it?

These have been the teams and final scores for each game of the Astros winning streak:

Game 1: Astros 7, Tigers 6
Game 2: Astros 2, Orioles 0
Game 3: Astros 5, Orioles 2
Game 4: Astros 8, Orioles 4
Game 5: Astros 16, Twins 8
Game 6: Astros 7, Twins 2
Game 7: Astros 17, Twins 6
Game 8: Astros 7, Rangers 1
Game 9: Astros 6, Rangers 5
Game 10: Astros 7, Rangers 2

Will it go to 11? Stay tuned!